Dynasties and Franchises


League rules for gameplay and conduct

Sportsmanshipbe a good sport, respect the competition, play fair, basically don’t be a douche.

Glitches – Do not use any

No restarts – If you are losing to the CPU, take the loss like a man…do not restart the game.

No Quitting – If you quit a game vs user before the game has completed you will be suspended for your next game. 

Connection loss – If you lose connection with your opponent, the player winning at the time of disconnect has final say. But you are to discuss whether to restart game all over or sim to a similar point at loss of connection etc.

Game Pausing - If your opponnent pauses the game, they will intiate the resume. However, without a timer this year (that I've seen) I suggeset resuming waiting 10 seconds and cancel until the game actually resumes, or the person who pauses should text when ready.

Punt Returns/XP and FGs – Do not move any players before the snap

Kickoffs – Pooch kicks are restricted. Kickoffs should be kicked as deep as possible not shallow, as there has been a glitch associated with this. If you wish to squib, use squib kick play call.

Onside Kicks – use within reason, and only if you are losing the game. Only used In the second half of the game. Most commonly should be used in last 2 min of a game. Obviously if you are losing big you can opt to use this play.

Surprise Onside Kicks – you can use this play ONCE per season (including playoffs) anytime during a game, and only if losing the game by 1 or more points.

 Zig-Zag running – When running as a ball carrier utilize the RIGHT STICK for making cuts/jukes/football moves. This is in situations for making sharp cuts or in the open field. Its acceptable to make slight change of direction with LEFT STICK, but closer to 90degree cuts need to be a RIGHT STICK football move. Additionally, running down field zig zagging left and right is not allowed. Use Right Stick to makes those cuts and also Stiff Arm etc.

Difficulty – All Pro

Qtr Length – 8 minutes


Offense Rules

Pocket Passer – This is a pocket passer League. QB running is to be used as a means to move away from pressure/blitz. It is not to be used as a play design. Use the pocket after the snap, do not roll out or run immediately after the snap. If you sense pressure then you have valid reason to be scrambling. After a natural dropback and no one is open then yes you can opt to run, BUT don’t be a lame and run straight for the side line until the AI can’t figure out what to do anymore, you actually run it (playaction rollout plays can be used as a designed rollout of course). See following videos for examples:





Player Motion – When motioning a player, that player must come to a complete stop before the ball is snapped. Be warned to watch the play clock. Automotion plays are fine as they are designed stock plays.

4th down – Kick the ball on 4th down unless you are losing or its late in the 4th quarter on 4th/short trying to put the game away (late in the 4th last possession type stuff/2 min left). NO 4TH DOWN ATTEMPTS IN THE  FIRST HALF OF THE GAME.

Repeated Offense plays – In the past arguments have risen that an opponent has run “same damn toss play all game”. This rule is to help that situation. EXAMPLE: if you call “I-Form Normal/HB Dive”, you cannot call “I-Form Normal/HB Dive” for the next four offensive plays. On the Fifth playcall if you so choose you may once again call “I-Form Normal/HB Dive”.

Audibles – Do not Audible down/up. Meaning do not call audible which causes a WR to be a FB/HB/TE. Ideally when calling an audible it is in the same formation or same formation type (3WR, 5WR, 2back, etc.)

Play style Run your offense in your own unique style. Pound the Rock, Spread it out, be balanced, you can run your offense the way you want as long as its within League Rules. No huddle offense is allowed but must follow rules…ie repeated plays.

No Huddle – Can only be used:

1st Half: Down by 17+pts

2min warning

3rd Quarter: Down by 17+pts

4th Quarter: If you are losing by any margin 

Snapping the ball – Before you snap the ball (time permitting), if the defense has called an audible after you called an audible you must allow for any players that may get stuck next to a LB and can’t move to get in to position for at least a second.

Goaline Goaline offense can only be used within the 10 yard line.


QB (No Subs)

HB (can sub to 4th/5th WR in a 4/5 WR set, can only play FB in shotgun 2 HB set)

FB (can play FB, HB or TE)

TE (can play 3-5WR, can be FB if FB is injured or fatigued)

CB/SS/FS are interchangeable

Defense Rules

User Control – You can only manually control 1 player pre-snap. To ensure people aren’t moving players and stacking then and hot route blitzing the A gaps. Sometimes you may find a LB on man-cov with a HB across the formation, and you may manually control a second player in this scenario to move that player in position for man coverage (not to blitz). You may use defense Hot Routes on players, but you cannot move more than one guy (which should be the guy you are controlling).

D-Line - You may control your D-Line player. However, Linemen are not to be manually moved AT ALL before the snap. You can only moved Dline using the Shift control. Shift Left/Right, spead or pinch. Do not continually Shift you Line or LBs back and forth repeatedly in an attempt to glitch.

Defense Style – Play Defense to your liking. Primarily Man, Primarily Zone, Pressure Heavy. We are putting it on the Offense to read your defense and beat it. Just have to stay within the rules.

Nano Blitz – Do not Create Nano blitz by stacking players in the A-Gap. Previous rules explained will pretty much eliminate this. You can certainly find nice blitzes in you defensive playbooks that will pressure the QB, believe me.

Goaline – only can be called if offense has called Goaline.

Other Details:

We all have busy lives. I plan to advance every 72hours. If you cannot be around to get your game in communicate that. Your game either needs to be played, simmed, or your opponent should play cpu. We will advance on a normal basis and be lenient in playoffs.