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Bengals chiefs trade

Posted by MrTrillion on January 7, 2013 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (2)

after  a stellar 1,000 yard season the Bengals have said goodbye to roddy white as they look to go young for the future. only time will tell how the new players will adjust with there new team but the gmail deals the acquisition of lt d Stephenson wr d Winfield and cb j Brown for roddy white and 2 4th round picks aligns Cincinnati for an exciting young nucleus... "the rich get richer but we get younger and develop" said the GM

 any misspellings is my fines fault not the user....also from the gm

Antonio cromarti roddy white

Posted by MrTrillion on January 7, 2013 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (5)
Bengals trade block Antonio cromarti and roddy white available. Looking for younger players at there positions and younger offensive lineman rated in the 80s. Dnt like draft picks really. 937-631-3162 send me an offer. Im sure i will accept

Rams Trade Block

Posted by AzureEffect on December 31, 2012 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Willing to move back in the Daft. I have the #12 pick and the #21 pick in the First Round. 

Please serious offers. I'm looking to acquire more picks, even if its for next years draft. 

I  also have two 2nd round picks. If you would like to move up at any time during the draft, please hit me up with draft pick offers. 

Seahawks Trade Block

Posted by XLenceofXQtion on December 31, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

WR Sidney Rice OVR 83

(2nd round pick)

RE Chris Clemons OVR 93

(1st round pick)

or negotiate

Packers Trade Block

Posted by Pr0udest Monkey on December 28, 2012 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (6)

Pretty much anyone can be had, the big time guys I'm looking to deal:


WR Greg Jennings

WR Jordy Nelson

TE Jermichael Finley

MLB Desmond Bishop


CB Tramon Williams

FS Morgan Burnett


Mostly interested in draft picks.


Jets Trade Block

Posted by dan9mets on December 26, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (7)

Jets Offseason Trade Block

As always I am willing to listen to trades on nearly everyone with probably the only acceptions being Revis,Tebow and Landry.


DT Sione Pouha 6'3 325 96 str, 87 pwr move, 97 block shed,86 play rec 92 tackle,86 awr

--2nd round pick high 3rd rounder (maybe)


CB Leon Hall 90 man 92 zone 92 play rec 96 press 70 catch 88 spd 89 acc

--1st round pick maybe a high 2nd


Possibly Center Nick Mangold..I am not gonna put his Attributes..he is a beast..

--1st round pick (without question) and a good RG

***Dont try B.S. me if you want him...I would just like to have a real RG but I have no prob playing Mangold there..I did all year this year....dont really want to trade him..but willing to***

XFL Chiefs Blog- Entry 3

Posted by Ncloud on December 23, 2012 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Ncloud's Chiefs and Dan9's Jets met in week 17 of season 2. They know eachother well, after battling for the AFC East crown season after season in Madden 12. Ncloud's Dolphins owned most of the Madden 12 division rivalries, but tonight the J-E-T-S owned the game from start to finish. 

Kansas City obviously came out with no game plan and in the wrong mindset, assuming a victory against a team that wasn't much over .500. This was a fatal mistake, because NYJ was prepared. 

KC received the first kickoff and had a three and out. TE Moeaki dropped a passed in traffic on 2nd, Baldwin dropped a pass in traffic on third. This was a sign of the entire game, as KC receviers failed to make plays (even wide open ones), while Jets receivers caught mid-air passes while being hitsticked twenty yards downfield. 

The Jets didn't do much with their first two offenive plays of the game, then sent each WR in shotgun snugs on the corners/outs play and sent his HB out of the backfield on  a streak up the middle of the field on third and long. Guarding the HB with D. Johnson, I made a user-pick and was surprised to see such a sneaky play on the first drive of the game. I made a mental note to do the exact same play before the game was over. I ended up doing it in garbage time and scored on a 50 or something yard touchdown.

On Kansas City's next drive, HB Jamaal Charles made an unusual fumble at our own twenty yard line, recovered by the Jets. This started the slippery slope of turnovers by KC. The Jets turned this turnover into a touchdown. Mallet threw a pick over the middle of the field on the next drive, 2 or 3 plays in, and again in KC territory. Of course the Jets scored another TD. 

Finally hoping to get something going, KC drove the length of the field and into the red zone. On third and short around the 15, Brandon LaFell drops a wide (literally no one around him) pass over the middle of the field. Settling for a field goal here was rough, and the Jets would never look back. They won something like 38-10. 

The Jets and Chiefs might see eachother in round one of the playoffs, depending on who wins the AFC East and AFC West. It would definitely be an interesting rematch. It appears though, that the Jets will play the Jaguars and the Chiefs will play the Pats.

Scouting Report:

Its tough beating a team with Darrelle Revis. I tend to have no sympathy for Dan (in Madden) ever, for this reason since he starts with Revis/Cromartie every season. After Charles fumbled, I got away from the run game and screwed myself over. Trying to beat Revis and Hall all-game was a bad idea. Beating them occasionally is one thing, but trying to go the length of the field against them because I'm losing is idiotic. 

The Jets were very balanced, and actually ran the ball a little bit. I hadn't ever seen that from Dan. He usually doesn't have this type of lead on me though, so hopefully he does this when he's tied or losing as well. He did a great job of taking advantage of turnovers and finding the endzone.

Userskill-wise, I was impressed. He finally learned how to user guard over the middle of the field. He hasn't mastered it, but did real well. He was doing click-on interceptions as well, which he never did in M12. Nice to see, suprised he isn't dominating his division to be honest.

Dan has always loved throwing to TEs and this game was no different. First pass of the game was to Winslow and he targeted the other TE a decent amount too. He used Stephen Gilmore as his CIT third down conversion target. I should've picked up on it sooner. I actually was thinking it one play, 'Switch to user guarding Gilmore' and didn't do it for some reason. Gilmore caught it in traffic and converted. Everything was converted though, even a third and 15 pass to bradshaw in the flat where he made his way to the first down somehow. It was that kind of game. He nickels and dimes down the field pretty well using different targets. I need to figure out how to make my team sub-in and out more often, because he made my defense tired every drive with lots of first downs.  

He blitzed a lot on first down to stop the run, then man press-defense most of the time otherwise. Why not when you have two of the best CB's in the game. It worked too, Bowe was essentially shut down by Revis. Baldwin was no match for Hall. LaFell and Moeaki were choke hazards. Trick is to run the ball until he has to blitz, and force him to make mistakes on offense. Which I obviously didn't do.

Dan's always been pretty decent in the season, but he needs a belt on the owner's page for some legitimacy. Good luck to the Jets in the playoffs. 

XFL Chiefs Blog- Entry 2

Posted by Ncloud on December 22, 2012 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (2)

Kansias City played the one-loss Green Bay Packers in Week 15 of XFL Season 2. Proudest and Ncloud have only met one other time, and that was in an XFL Madden 11 Super Bowl won by Ncloud's Carolina Panthers. Proudest had stunned XFL by coming in and taking the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Super Bowl on his first ever XFL season, with an unknown 70 OVR QB. I can't remember his name, but it was quite an achievement. 

Green Bay has owned the NFC north this season, with only the Minnesota Vikings posing any threat to the division. Unfortunately though, many of his games have been sim wins. With a tough loss to the SB champion Bears in Season 1's NFC Championship, Proudest looks to bring home the gold.

Unfortunately they ran into KC's defense on probably the best game they've played this season. Everything Rodgers put in the air was picked off in Week 15. Kansas City rode a 5 INT, 4-sack day to a 23-10 win. It probably would've been much worse if KC hadn't struggled mightily to get into the endzone. Three of the Chiefs takeaways gave them field position in Packer-territory, but they ended the game settling for a FG three times.

I can't really provide a scouting report because GB had so much bad luck. It seems like he sneaks in rushes after lulling you to sleep with the passing attack. I was expecting him to go to Jermichael Finley more, but he didn't target him more than three or four times from what I could tell. 

Green Bay will have a bye going into the playoffs, but will need to play better offense to take down the 1-loss Seahawks.  KC is still hoping for a Raider loss in week 17 to the Denver Broncos, which would give them the division crown if the Chiefs beat the Jets. Ncloud is looking forward to a matchup against Tim Tebow, who is 50 yards shy of the NFL season passing yards record, who they may also play as the 4 vs 5 seed in the first round of the playoffs.

XFL Chiefs Blog- Entry 1 12/17/2012

Posted by Ncloud on December 18, 2012 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (4)

Hello XFL,

I'm going to start to chronicle each game that I play during the season, in  an attempt to get everyone to do so. I'm also going to spice it up with scouting report tips and tendencies for each entry. I've been meaning to do this all season, but didn't want to piss off the first team I added a scouting report / storyline about. However, I played IceColdGrits last night, a long-time rival in Madden for me. Knowing that he's pretty cool-tempered and has a storyline with me already, I thought I would start with him. 

Kansas City and Indianapolis met last night in week 14 of the 2013-14 XFL season. If the playoffs started tomorrow, both teams would be locked in as the AFC wild-cards this season. This is only the 2nd time that the Chiefs and Colts have met so far in Madden 2013's XFL league. However, coaches Ncloud and IceColdGrits know eachother well from their days in the NFC as coaches of the Panthers and Vikings in Madden 2011. That year, the Panthers and Vikings continuously met eachother in the playoffs. The winner of this matchup usually went on to face Xlence's Seattle Seahawks. Coach Ncloud never won a single of these matchups. The lone superbowl victory by his Carolina Panthers came in a year that Seattle knocked off the Minnesota Vikings before he had to run into them. 

Coach Grits (3 XFL Superbowl titles) has cooled off since then, scarcely making the playoffs in Madden 12 and off to a rough-start in Madden 13. He could turn things around this week with a victory over Kansas City to all but lock up his spot as a wildcard. Kansas City hasn't quite clinched either, but every game against Grits is meaningful anyway. A win against Indianapolis will likely clinch a playoff trip for KC, as well as keep their division title hopes alive for one more week. They need to win out, with an OAK loss to DEN in either week 15 or 17 to claim the title.

This was a close game all the way around, where things never felt secure for either squad. Both defenses were stalwart, but the offenses struggled.

Indianapolis had trouble getting anything going on the ground, with just 28 total rushing yards on a mere 7 or so carries. Very interesting to me, because Grits used to dominate with the rushing attack in previous Maddens. However, KC's strong-point is usually the run-game and didn't have a dominating performance either. The big difference in the game was the turn-over ratio. Former first overall pick Andrew Luck tossed two interceptions to Ryan Mallet's one. The game took a decisive-turn when Indianapolis PR Danny Amendola was crushed by star SS Eric Berry, both causing a fumble and injuring Amendola in the process. The KC recovery and subsequent score made it a two-score game in the second half. Indy had one more chance to win it, down 19-14 with 3 min. left in the fourth. They were forced to punt on a three and out though, and KC converted a first and kneeled down the clock to win it.

Scouting Report: (Keep in mind these are my opinions and are insights from a mere sample of 1 game against Indy this season- also I should've written this last night after I played him, little fuzzy on details)

- Grits is balanced overall on offense; one of few players in the league that can claim this. No particular routes or plays were abused.  

- Little-to-no run game; 7 carries for 28 yards. I played defense looking for the pass the whole game. 

- TE Fleener is quick and probably the most-targeted asset; liked to hit him on the corner route. No WR's stood out. Was able to get coverage sacks and hurries most of the game, threw better against my zones than my m2m. 

- Strong defense; DE's/OLB's were having a field day. Tough user run and pass defender. Smarter to pass away from his user player; likes to float around with a safety or MLB. Some zone, mostly man. Didn't blitz much that I noticed; 1 coverage sack.

XFL Week 14 Playoff Picture

Posted by XLenceofXQtion on December 15, 2012 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (1)